Modern Harajuku: Shoot 001

The Suave Report always looks for way to diversify and do things that are out of the norm. When thinking of American fashion, do you ever wonder or even realize where it originates from? Some may say Africa (which is partially right) but when thinking of the fashion capital, where new fashion often times originates from, you have to look at Tokyo, Japan.

One of our photographers (actually my cousin, Vbrent Lagas) lives in Tokyo and regularly visits Harajuku, a high-traffic area where fashionable people populate.

Modern Harajuku Style:

This series of posts will be called ‘Modern Harajuku,’ because of the way the area has drastically changed compared to the old Harajuku style. In the past, people dressed up colorful and theatrically, often sporting rather quirky character themes. As well as cosplay. Now, the style shows the latest modern trends, incorporating famous brands, mixed with non-mainstream clothing brands. You’ll also see blends of Japanese brands mixed with foreign brands.

Make sure to keep up with this series of fashion that we’ll be updated you with periodically throughout each month.

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