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The NBA’s freshest over 35

The NBA fashion game is slowly transitioning to a different era. While a new generation of talent has been ushered in, a new style of dress has been ushered in too. The youthful NBA players are starting to take the limelight from those that are in their mid-30s, with their best years behind them. Chris ...

The Thunder Unveil New Uniforms, Here Are The Grades

Yesterday, the Oklahoma City Thunder unveiled four new uniforms for the upcoming season, and here are my grades on how good they look. City Edition: A The main and most important update is without a doubt the new City Edition. This unit is created in partnership with the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum and ...

Straying Away From The ‘Norm’

From playing high school basketball in Memphis, TN to designing custom suits for multiple celebrities, Clarence Jones is a self-made, well-sought after designer and he did it on his own, in his authentic way.

James Harden For Gentleman’s Quarterly

James Harden keeps leveling up.

Suave Alert: The Sumperts x Deandre Hopkins

Iman Shumpert and Teyanna Taylor are the new fashion couple of the NBA, while Deandre Hopkins runs NFL fashion.

Suave Alert: Kelly Oubre’s Supreme Fur Jacket Causes Controversy

Oubre Jr arrives to work with NSFW fur coat — Jim Witalka (@jwitalka) November 3, 2017     We recently boasted about the Washington Wizard's Kelley Oubre and his fit this weekend on Instagram, but though it's still stylish, part of his outfit caused some controversy once a video of his entire black Supreme ...


NBA Fashion: 3 Trendy Early-Season Fits

The NBA season just started a couple weeks ago, which means after New York Fashion Week and all the various events during the NBA season, the players are looking to make a few fashion statements.