NBA adjusts dress code, but the ‘Tunnel Walk’ lives on

One thing we were worried about with the NBA return was player fashion. Top tier NBA talent would be back in the limelight, but would top-tier fashion be on display in this new strict, yet casual format?

According to Shams Charania of ESPN, the dress code has been modified and while it may be more casual for players and coaches that are inactive on the bench, players like Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Russell Westbrook, and Jordan Clarkson can still be seen walking into the arena for games rocking their creative fits.

Sharp fits will still be in effect: Players leaving and entering arena continues to fall under NBA dress code/neat suit. Coaches can wear business attire still — or polos, as long as they are uniformly dressed.

Shams Charania

When a player is inactive or injured, they sit at the end of their respective benches wearing a nice suit. They try to get creative with their dapper looks, but being creative donning a suit can only get you so far. While that has changed, things won’t get any more creative or exciting for players on the bench. Instead of suits, players can wear short or long-sleeved polos.

There’s simply no need for semi-formal attire when there aren’t any fans in attendance or any media for a live, traditional postgame interview.

We were looking forward to seeing players get the opportunity to be creative while sitting on the bench for once and maybe enjoy some street fashion on the bench, but no, business casual it is.

However, we’ll still get tunnel fashion from our favorite dressers in the league, so let’s not complain about the adjustments too much.

Here’s a look at a few of the best fits of the season to get you excited for the seasons revamp.

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