The Suave Report has quite the unique name for a site that primarily covers sports, but there’s a clear explanation for that. The name “Suave” primarily comes from the founder, Addam “Suave” Francisco for obvious reasons. The name represents the website’s delivery style and appearance as well.

You can find us in Thunder and various NBA locker rooms interviewing some of the best professional basketball players in the world. If you are a basketball, football or baseball fan, this is the website for you! In addition, you can also find us working (or having a good time, what’s the difference?) at concerts, getting footage of some of the hottest artists in the music industry while preparing to write a performance recap. We love our viewers and we truly adore everything sports but we know that isn’t true for everyone. In an attempt to appeal to a broader audience, we’ve incorporated men’s and women’s fashion as well.

Two of the most enjoyable things about the site according to our readers are the “For The Ladies” stories as well as A. Suave’s colorful columns he writes regularly.


Our Mission is to provide a unique outlet for sports, local music, and fashion news. We strive to separate ourselves from the average online publication by giving readers a passionate viewpoint on any given topic, instead of a ton of quick, emotionless posts just to produce content. Lastly, on the musical end of things, we focus more on local and regional talent, trying to lift up the overlooked artists of all genres in our area.


Story ideas? Features? Just want to contact us? Email: suavefrancisco15@gmail.com.

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