Women’s Fashion

Modern Harajuku: Shoot 001

The Suave Report always looks for way to diversify and do things that are out of the norm. When thinking of American fashion, do you ever wonder or even realize where it originates from? Some may say Africa (which is partially right) but when thinking of the fashion capital, where new fashion often times originates […]

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3 Key Benefits to Going on a Shopping Fast

So before the holidays (probably the most painful time) in November, I decided that I would go on this “Shopping Fast”. I got the idea from a friend of mine who makes way more money than me and spends an exorbitant amount of money on clothes (and I thought I had a problem). She said in order for her to pay 400$ for Mui Mui mules she does a shopping fast every other month. This keeps her in line and her pockets still lined.

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