The Return of Serge Ibaka, Ballin’ In Style

Serge Ibaka’s return to Oklahoma City couldn’t have been better. Not only did his team get the win, he hit the game winner. He also scored a career-high 31 points and added 6 rebounds and 4 blocks to his stat line.

It really seemed like he was trying to send a message to the Oklahoma City Thunder. A message that he wasn’t the washed up player many started believing he was, but that he was still a force both inside the paint and on the perimeter.

When asked how it felt to perform the way he did against his former team.

At least he was honest. Returning home after you were traded by an organization that you believe didn’t value you quite as much as they should have is an indescribable feeling.

Here is the game winning play.

Serge’s jacket.


He’s into fashion. That’s saying the least. He’s stolen the hearts of many women around the world and especially in Oklahoma City due to his chiseled features, accent, fashion sense, or the fact that he’s multilingual.

In his return to Oklahoma City, he sported the jacket in the picture, with multiple symbols no one seemed to know the meaning of. It might have been something symbolic of the Congo, where he’s from.

Personally, I don’t need to know what the jacket means. It was very nice and it’s a look I’d love to try out.

With that being said, Serge Ibaka will be missed in Oklahoma City as a player and a man, but the Thunder fans will continue to support him as he plays with the Orlando Magic.

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