The NBA’s freshest over 35

The NBA fashion game is slowly transitioning to a different era. While a new generation of talent has been ushered in, a new style of dress has been ushered in too. The youthful NBA players are starting to take the limelight from those that are in their mid-30s, with their best years behind them.

Chris Paul:

Chris Paul has always been the type of player to push limits. He’s of the same DNA of Russell Westbrook, Kelly Oubre Jr., and Co. While he isn’t a fashion icon per say, he consistently has a well put together fit on game days.

PJ Tucker:

PJ Tucker is the freshest player 35 or older that comes to mind in the NBA. As a matter of fact, he’s one of the top 10 freshest players in the NBA period, regardless of age or style. There are few players that really have an eye for fashion, and Tucker is one of them.

Carmelo Anthony:

Melo may be a few weeks away from his 36th birthday, and he may not be the superstar he once was, but his fashion sense hasn’t dwindled. It has actually evolved throughout his 17-year career. Melo takes the term Cozy Fits to a different level because weirdly, he can make a fit like that look dapper by throwing on a random overcoat, and that is a talent.

LeBron James:

The King of the NBA has dominated on the court throughout his career, but he hasn’t always dominated in the fashion realm. Dating back to many of his early fits, it’s clear that James doesn’t have that keen eye for fashion but in his later years, he’s made it work. He’s modeled some fashionable ensembles on game day and he’s definitely one of the freshest ‘old men’ in the NBA.

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