3 Key Benefits to Going on a Shopping Fast

As someone who can’t help but stop at every little thrift store, Ross, TJ. MAXX, etc that I see, I am learning that saying NO to myself is okay. Don’t get me wrong, I have a knack for finding those goodies that we all love to show off in our well lit Instagram posts, but I have come to realize as I do this ” adulting” thing that I can not purchase every little thing I see. I used to tell myself “I’m only spending 15$ on these shoes when anywhere else I would have spent 60$. I can’t NOT buy these” and that’s how the bad habit started.

So before the holidays( probably the most painful time) in November, I decided that I would go on this “Shopping Fast”. I got the idea from a friend of mine who makes way more money than me and spends an exorbitant amount of money on clothes( and I thought I had a problem). She said in order for her to pay 400$ for Mui Mui mules she does a shopping fast every other month. This keeps her in line and her pockets still lined.

So with the challenge accepted and a month and a half into the fast here are some things that I have benefitted from:

    1. Realizing I have a serious problem: I honestly didn’t think I had an issue until I really committed to this fast. I felt like a crack head waiting to get my next fix to spend money on clothes, accessories, anything that would make me feel validated. I had to mentally chastise myself to go into a store get what I need and GET OUT. same with the email advertisements as would click on the links scroll through and shop with a full cart only to have to exit out of there before the damage would be done. All in all, I’m on the verge of cracking every day but I’m stubborn so stay tuned.

“I’m on the verge of cracking everyday”


  • Saving $$$$$: Who knew the money I was spending on Moncler  I put towards things like oh I don’t know a SAVINGS. and I’m not talking a reservoir for me to dip into when I want to spend more money. No, I’m talking a full-blown savings account that can flourish and be used in times of emergency or better yet to just grow and be great something my Moncler X Craig green jacket can’t do. I mean let’s be honest, the gag that your favorite influencer isn’t telling you is that they are putting money away ( I hope) while also responsibly looking bad and boujee for the world to see.
  • Being Comfortable in my own skin:  I think in this media clouded age we forget that we don’t always need a brand new pair or Yeezy’s or Nike Air Max 97’s. We don’t need the 6th collection of FOG (Fear Of God) or Virgil Abloh’s recent Louis Vuitton collection. All of those things aren’t NEEDS or Necessities, they are the complete opposite and yet we feel such nagging need to have them for why…? Well because if you aren’t flaunting the newest of the new or the rarest vintage find then what we say, think or maybe even feel might not be valid enough to be heard or seen.

TOO deep? It might be, I think it is because I went into Ross today to buy a planner and almost gave in to my baser need to “holiday shop” but then I heard my best friend say I would last the holidays and I walked out with simply my planner. Think you can last a shopping fast? or even want to just save a few coins? Then try cutting back on those 40$ cologne men, those 100$ pairs of shades ladies and let’s see who lasts the longest.

Leave your thoughts on if you feel shopping fasts are worth your time or not this new year.

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