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Big 12 What Ifs: Best of the Rest

In the third and final installment of the series, we briefly break down the best remaining what if scenarios left. We could go on and on but we've got to save some for next season. What if Baker Mayfield never left Texas Tech? Okay, this one could be longer than the rest but I promised ...

Trae Young’s new life

Two years ago, we were following a Trae Young from Norman North High School. He was an undersized guard with flashy handles and limitless range shooting the ball. Now, Young is a first-round draft pick and the starting point guard for the Atlanta Hawks with a more impressive arsenal of skills on the court. At ...

Big 12 football what ifs? Part 1

Ever wonder what would've happened if one little thing was changed? In the first part of this series we discuss five Big 12 what ifs.

The culture is fine, Kanye West, though?

The culture has taken no losses, this is just another loss for Yeezy and unfortunately, his reputation is dying in the meantime.

The best of “Tha Carter” series: I-IV

The Carter is a 14-year series from one of the hip-hop greats.

Tiger Woods is back, wins first tournament since 2013

Tiger Woods wins his first tournament since 2013.

Dwyane Wade Will Return to the Miami Heat for Last Season

Dwyane Wade announced that he will be returning to the Miami Heat for “one last dance.”