Review: Bale Promotions Presents Yo Gotti To OKC

Yo Gotti has had an interesting year filled with drama and blessings. In OKC, he went back to his lyrical roots that entertained so many over the past decade, and some.

Yo Gotti is known mostly for his hit songs. That’s how he’s stayed relevant in the rap industry for 17 years. Obviously, his latest was “Rake It Up” featuring Nicki Minaj.

The atmosphere inside The Criterion got a slow start but steadily improved throughout the night. Most of the opening acts weren’t great. Most of the artists weren’t the most professional either, but Chief Peace was the steal of the show. Although he didn’t throw money to the crowd like the previous opening act, he interacted with them on another level and was a true performer.

Performance slideshow (video coming soon).

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Gotti has always been one of my favorite artists since the mid-2000s because of my passion for southern rap. Also, with his best years presumably behind him, the packed out crowd inside the Criterion would probably say the same thing. These were some of his most loyal fans and they clearly enjoyed the performance.

More importantly, through all the chaos, Bale and the Criterion made sure to keep an organized environment, while communicating with each other and the media properly, to ensure a smooth production.

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