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The irony is real, with Young Dolph performing a month and a half after rival Memphis rapper Yo Gotti performed in OKC in the exact same venue. Many know about the beef between both of these aging rappers and have picked their sides.

Yo Gotti caters to the early and middle 2000s while Young Dolph is purely the new school Memphis rapper, despite his age (33), catering to the 2010s. Personally, there’s an appreciation for both artists. Yo Gotti set the trend and Young Dolph simply picked up where Gotti left off.

The crowd showed up and started to fill out the Criterion around 8 p.m. You could feel the buzz around 8:30 or 9 p.m. when the DJs took the stage and started getting everything warmed up. The opening acts were good and bad simultaneously. There were two acts from Tulsa that didn’t raise our eyebrows, but three others that did. Coriano Gipson’s performance was great, featuring three live instruments: two electric guitars and a drumset. Although I felt his performance was out of place for a southern rap concert, it was great. State Gang Vince, the random rapper from Lawton, OK turned out to be a very unique and talented artist and SoufWessDes built the energy up in the arena like he usually does.

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Young Dolph is a successful and accomplished artist and considering he survived 100 shots, his fan base only grew. The songs he performed were good but he didn’t offer much of a performance for the people and that’s because of those gunshots he suffered from. He was performing with nerve damage in his left leg and could barely move his right arm as well. Nevertheless, the crowd was clearly satisfied and the atmosphere took a big leap when he appeared on the stage.

He was a little late and the DJs, as well as the opening acts were trying to stall while waiting for him, which had the crowd frustrated but as soon as he got on stage, all the frustration went out the door and everyone had a great time.

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Performance Rating: 4/ 5

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