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Independent Artist Spotlight: UndaDawg

“A person who is expected to lose in a contest or conflict.”

A King of Oneself. A Twenty Year Reign

Clifford Joseph Harris, better known as "T.I.", has been on one of the most consistent run Hip-Hop has seen for twenty straight years. Both in and out of the booth. It's funny that every time mainstream media seems to forget his status as Hip-Hop Royalty, "Tip" drops an album as a reminder. And each album ...

Interview: Producer BL$$D Discusses How His Faith Led Him To Billboard Hits

The Young Thug collaborator explains how faith facilitated his rise in the music industry.

The culture is fine, Kanye West, though?

The culture has taken no losses, this is just another loss for Yeezy and unfortunately, his reputation is dying in the meantime.

Gucci Mane’s thoughts on clone conspiracy and struggling on probation

Rapper Gucci Mane entered an Indiana penitentiary in 2014 and almost three years later, he was released as a changed man.

Review: Bale Promotions Presents Yo Gotti To OKC

Bale Productions brought southern rapper, Yo Gotti out of North Memphis, TN down Interstate 40 West to perform in front of an energetic Oklahoma city crowd last Tuesday.

Sonrae Drops “Don’t Flex” and “2GOOD2BETRUE” Over Labor Day Weekend

Sonrae has returned. This time with two singles that further reflect his authentic hip-hop sound.