Review: Unruly Citizens Presents Post Malone to OKC

The Suave Report’s fifth concert with Unruly Citizens LLC featured an artist that isn’t a considered a rapper but fits into his own genre in Post Malone.

Post Malone caters to a much different crowd than previous concerts but he may have thrown the most electric concert we’ve seen since Travis Scott came to town.

Post Malone is an artist that doesn’t fit into any set genre of music. Some may consider him R&B, some may say indie, some may even argue for soft rock. Nevertheless, you really can’t put a label on him because of the diversity in his music.

Since OKC was a part of Post Malone’s official tour, things were slightly more official than previous artists. First of all, he was at the venue well before doors were even open to the public. Secondly, he had stage props set up, tailored for his Stoney Tour. Then, the only local artists to open for him was Next Generation Entertainment (NGE). Every other performer traveled to perform with Post, including Lil Pump and Smokepurpp. It had the aura of an official concert.

Performance recap video and slideshow:

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Post Malone’s music isn’t as appealing to me personally, but clearly, the 4,000 people packed inside The Criterion at his sold-out show benefitted greatly. Post’s demeanor and seemingly permanent psychedelic state make it near impossible for him not to have a good stage presence.

The fact that he genuinely appeared to want to perform (unlike a couple past artists) made this experience even more enjoyable for the crowd.

Twitter Speaks:

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Performance rating: 4.5/5


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  1. Well written. Even though I don’t know this artist, I understand two things. He prepares himself and then delivers a great performance.

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