Review: Unruly Citizens Presents Gucci Mane to OKC

The third concert for Unruly Citizens LLC featured a more seasoned rapper in Gucci Mane at the Bricktown Chevy Event Center. The southern rapper from Atlanta, GA is considered a rap legend because of his hits throughout the last 15 years. Gucci’s best years are behind him and he knows that which is the reason he performed many of his older hits and just a few of his more recent hits.

Gucci arrived fashionably late but not to the point where fans got restless. He got on stage just after 11 p.m and his overall performance made up for his late arrival.

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Wop has been one of my favorite rappers since about 2005 and seeing him perform live just peaked my fandom. He isn’t into all these trendy dance moves that modern rappers are into, he just performs his songs. Although he wasn’t jumping across the stage and throwing water into the crowd like the Migos concert, he still interacted well with the fans and his stage presence was very good.

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The reaction was pretty much the same across the board. This was a very good performance and another successful concert for Unruly Citizens. They brought a legend to a small market and still managed to fill up the venue and make a profit.

On a slightly different note, a few of the opening acts were very subpar. OKC may not have a ton to offer when it comes to the rap scene, but you’d think every rapper/group would bring their A-game to a Gucci Mane concert with hopes of getting discovered. However, there were a couple of acts that were extremely good.

Performance Rating: 4.6 / 5.

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