Kristo Blanc’s KOBRA AURA 2020 Presents a New Mindset

It’s been a minute, but Kristo Blanc didn’t let us down with his new surprise release.

We haven’t gotten a chance to chop it up with Blanc in about a year when we debuted his visual project “The Module” last March. Either way, we shouldn’t have to introduce this kid anymore. He’s a regular on The Suave Report and he’s only become more dynamic of an artist since then.

About KOBRA AURA 2020

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KOBRA AURA 2020 is all about growing and finding resolutions. The ’Kobra Aura’ is a mind-state. A plight of ambiguous circumstance. Navigating Chaos. This is to closing the door on previous chapters/moments. Everything is shaping us, moment by moment; minute by minute. Sometimes in a positive way but on the contrary, in a negative way. 

I think the moment I finally received the message and understood what I had laid out within these atmospheres is when I could take step back and really appreciate it for what it is. You can learn a lot about yourself within the state of your relationships and how you interact with others. The pursuit for peace and happiness is a sensitive, restless and dangerous trail. Something I find myself still chasing.

Kristo Blanc

Executive produced by Kristo and Hoop, this is a collection of music recorded from Nov. 2018 to Aug. 2019. Also, Kristo’s first line of MERCH is on the way!

KOBRA AURA DOCU COMING SOON! 2020 #enjoy #navigatingchaos

KA2020 follows the trail of the “Midwest Kowboy” mixtape and continues with the themes of love, rage, passion and self-philosophy through experiences. 

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