Kristo drops “The Module” visual project

Psychedelic artist from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma named Kristo Blanc released his latest visual project this week, and this time around it’s a lengthy body of work full of aesthetically pleasing graphics to match perfectly with his relaxing but almost rave-worthy style of music.

Kristo’s visual titled ‘Midwest Module” actually coincides with his upcoming mixtape, ‘Midwest Kowboy’. As you could imagine, this 25-minute showing takes you through all kinds of emotions and dimensions through his vintage imagery throughout.

Where did this unique vision come from?

“Straight from the sound. The visual is a direct result of the most important thing, the music.”

What would you say the aesthetic is in this video?

“Digital Psychedelics”

What’s next?

“Lots of audiovisual content. Midwest Kowboy coming soon!”

Full ‘Midwest Module’ produced by Jett Burris:

Expect the full mixtape to release in early to mid-April.

Follow Kristo Blanc on Instagram: KBMWK

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