Where is Sean?

Hip-hop royalty has been very busy these past two months. We’ve seen the high profile rap beef between Drake and Pusha T that saw the alleged son of Drake get exposed to the world.

While Pusha T was also busy releasing his third studio album titled ”Daytona,” Kanye West was making Wyoming a  hot spot for celebrities as he held his listening party for his new project ”YE” only for him to release a project a week later with Kid Cudi called ”Kids See Ghost”.

The G.O.O.D music roster is having a great couple of months which left me asking where is Sean? Big Sean is arguably the most consistent artist on the G.O.O.D music roster, so it seemed strange for him not to be a part of this G.O.O.D music extravaganza that has been going on lately. Sean was in attendance for Kanye’s YE listening party but didn’t attend the Kids See Ghost party which might be because of the split in friendship with Cudi after Sean and girlfriend Jhene Aiko got together after Aiko was formerly married to music producer Dot Da Genius who is very close with Cudi.

If you thought Big Sean doesn’t live what he raps you would be mistaken on his project with super producer Metro Boomin he raps on “No Hearts, No Love” about rebuilding his hometown of Detroit and putting a movie theater in downtown to help the economy.

I’m less focused on props and more on property
Done put so much back in my hood that I changed the economy
I’m ’bout to build a movie theatre downtown properly
And help revive the heart of the city, just keep on watching me

In February of this year, Sean along with Emagine Entertainment joined forces to announce plans to build The Sean Anderson Theatre which is part of the rapper’s joint venture with movie theater company Emagine Entertainment. Detroit is everything to Sean you hear and see Detroit in everything he does from his music to his clothing projects. Sean showed again he would do anything for his city. Sean and his foundation the Sean Anderson Foundation held a fundraiser for the Motown Museum this past Thursday while at the same time running a “Fashion Mogul Challenge,” in which young designers will compete for $25,000 in prizes sponsored by Puma.

While everyone else was beefing or dancing in Wyoming, Big Sean is making sure his city is inspired and taking control of their lives.

I pray to God you never let the little things in life distract you from the bigger picture
Everybody in the city to me like a distant cousin, brother, little sister
I see myself in the young ones
When I look in their eyes it feel like a mirror
First time I seen a dead body I was 14
And I felt the pressure
Like if I don’t get it, I might end up next to him.

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