Brandon Romans Talks Latest Single, Future Goals

The hip-hop scene is slowly becoming overpopulated in the Oklahoma City area and although there is an abundance of undiscovered talent, one genre that isn’t as populated is R&B. Especially coming from a male artist.
IMG_2311.JPGThat’s where Brandon Romans comes in. He provides that R&B genre, infused with some Pop beats. What makes Romans so dynamic is his ability to make that transition to hip-hop as well. As a local Edmond Memorial High School graduate, Romans actually isn’t from the Oklahoma City area, he’s from New York City. From NYC, he moved to Louisville, KY and subsequently moved to Oklahoma City.
Suave Report got a chance to catch up with Romans right before he debuted his new single titled “For The Night.”

“For The Night”: Brandon Romans ft. Coriano Gipson:

Q&A with Brandon Romans:

What made you get into music? Has this always been a passion for you? 
  • Funny that you ask that. I actually got into music after a soccer injury in college. But I’ve been connected to music for a while actually due to me being a huge music listener of all genres. So yes music has always been a passion of mine, it’s an escape.
You’ve established yourself quite well, but how difficult was it for you coming out of Oklahoma City?
  • I feel like creating a platform anywhere is difficult in its own right. So what I did was start off by focusing on what I had control of. So I  focused on creating a fanbase on social media since it basically runs the world nowadays, and I just went with the flow after that and figured out what I have to offer to the potential listens and followers. Around here is a little different because the city is steadily growing but that’s what makes this place beautiful, we are a part of the growth. We make history every day and I’m happy to be a part of it.
How long did you work on “For the Night” from start to finish?
  •  I actually wrote the song “For The Night” in a couple of hours then went to the studio and recorded it. After I listened to it I felt like something was missing, so that’s when I reached out to Coriano Gipson and told him to sing the hook instead of me and after he recorded his part the song sounded complete.
Tell us what your inspiration is for “For The Night?” 
  • Part of my mission as a music artist is to be able to paint a picture for the listeners and the inspiration of that song is pretty much the idea of having or finding someone who makes you want to give them everything they want starting with the first night of hanging out and making it perfect.
Please explain your flow, because it’s different than a typical R&B sound but also different than Pop as well. 
  • In a way, I don’t like to think my flow and style has any type of limitations or a certain lane. I like to be creative and also try different things and I go off my mood, what’s on my mind, and also how the beat talks to me if I’m writing to a beat. There is a meeting point which generates the “Romans” sound. I like to just make my voice an extra instrument with the beat itself.
What is your goal for 2019?
  • My goal for 2019 is to drop new material every single month. Could there be an actual project in the middle of all that? Possibly so but the main thing is to show people that I’m back from taking the break I did and this time I’m not going anywhere. I want everyone to enjoy my art with me. The goal is to be the reason that everyone is enjoying music. I want them to bring up my name.

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