Beyoncé takes Video Music Awards by storm, twitter reacts

Sunday night, typically a day where you chill out and get ready for the dreadful beginning of the work week.

Beyoncé evidently didn’t get that message, because the last thing she did was ‘chill.’ The 2016 MTV Video Music Awards were supposed to belong to Rihanna who won the Vanguard Award, but due to Beyonce’s apparent concert-like performance, Rihanna couldn’t shine quite like she wanted to.

…It surely didn’t help that Beyonce’s one performance was simply better than all of Rihanna’s combined.

Beyonce’s full performance

Twitter reacts





Twitter clearly loved the show Beyoncé threw as they should’ve.

She always shows such symbolism, from her words to her wardrobe, to the way she and her backup dancers dance, resembling many sub-cultures within her own culture. Also, doing the same thing with the music she makes; attacking social and political issues while also promoting the appreciation of the black community. Knowles did just that Sunday night during her performance. A couple examples of that would be the opening of Pray You Catch Me, when her backup dancers one-by-one dropped to the floor, covered in red symbolizing black bodies being slaughtered. Also, when she used a black man as an angel. Long story short, she forces you to think deeper, past the surface when it comes to her music. In fact, if you are a surface thinker, you’ll probably fail to comprehend or appreciate the statements she makes. Just to put the cherry on top of this eventful Sunday night, she reiterated who deserves all the glory…God.BEY

Beyonce is timeless. When everyone thinks her career is in the midst of declining, she revitalizes it and becomes bigger than she ever was, in a different way. That’s been displayed once again after watching the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards and although Rihanna is talented with a sex appeal that’s out of this world, she has a very long way to reach the level of greatness Beyoncé has reached.

A true musical icon is an artist who displays greatness both in the studio and in live performances. Something Bey has done for 20 years now.

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