The best of “Tha Carter” series: I-IV

After some lawsuits and blew release dates all within six years, the Carter V is a day away. Lil Wayne’s highly anticipated album was formally announced this week and will be released on Friday. It’s been a long time coming.

The Carter V is said to be Wayne’s last piece, and although he frequently proclaims this, Weezy fans are required to take it as a serious testament. The Carter is a 14-year series from one of the hip-hop greats. It’s taken him beyond being the baby of the Hot Boys to, perhaps the best of all-time. The last Carter project was released in August of 2011 after nearly two years of delay, so he’s not new to this.

Seven years is equivalent to a sub-generation, which is an eternity in the rap community. Will Wayne deliver? Can he maintain the Carter series’ legendary reputation? We’ll have to wait until Friday. Three release dates later, we’re all skeptical, but what can we do about it other than act like we aren’t excited when in reality…

Assuming Wayne drops the album on Friday, here are our favorites from all four of the Carters.

Tha Carter (2004):

 “Go DJ”


Bring it back”

Tha Carter II (2005):


Huster Musik” 



Tha Carter III (2008):



“A Milli” 

Tha Carter IV (2011):


“6 Foot 7 Foot”


“She Will”



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