Chance’s Big Day

Yup…and we back.”

Three years after his acclaimed and highly successful mixtape Coloring Book, Chance The Rapper released his anticipated debut owbum (as he dubbed it) The Big Day and what a day it was. All within weeks of his first two mixtapes being made available on all streaming platforms. From that opening line on All Day Long, 26 year old Chancellor Bennett began to tell a story. Here are some takeaways:

1. If the wedding ring doesn’t give it away, maybe the three skits would help you figure it out…the central theme of this album is a wedding. Almost a reflection of his life; touching on times leading up to his wedding this past March.

2. Chance kept this one close to home. Not only is his brother and fellow rapper, Taylor Bennett featured on this album, his father Ken helped write the song Eternal.

3. There was no sparing the features. Francis Starlite, Shawn Mendes, Gucci Mane, Da Baby, En Vogue and Nikki Minaj are just some of the names that make their impact on this project. All perfectly fitting each feature given.

My biggest and really only critiques: Chance did too much by trying to outdo 2016’s Coloring Book. What is seen as his best piece of work, trying to outdo that would be like Usher saying he’s going to make a better album than Confessions, don’t bet on it happening. That doesn’t diminish his value at all. Nevertheless, this is still a great project with solid production and features.

First album, every track could be the outro.” That statement perfectly sums up this album. Your last track is what sums up you whole project. It’s potentially your strongest statement on the album. And here, because of the theme, it shows how nostalgic and appreciative Bennett is of everything in his life that has led up to this album being released. As a big time fan of Chance The Rapper, I might be a little biased but I am gonna give this album an 8/10. Do yourself a favor download this album and make sure that Hot Shower is in your regular rotation.

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