Review: Unruly Citizens brings Kodak Black and Playboi Carti to OKC

After a while away from the concert scene, Suave Report couldn’t have found a better couple of concerts to get back on track with. Kodak Black and Playboi Carti visited the Criterion during the month of December which was a first for Kodak and the first time since Carti has gone exclusively mainstream.

Shot and edited by Richard Washington

The Haitian, Pompano Beach, FL native brought his dynamic beats and unique talent to Oklahoma City and moved another sold-out crowd at an Unruly Citizens event.

The Kodak songs I’ve heard were intriguing, catchy songs that stick to the brain, but after his concert, Kodak brought to light (for those that didn’t know), that he has a full repertoire of quality hits. He took the stage around 10:15 p.m. and didn’t finish up until right after 11:00 p.m. A full 45-minute performance is impressive, coming from a rap artist like Kodak. Most artists simply don’t have that much to offer unless they are in the “A-List” of rappers that have been doing this for multiple years on a mainstream level.

The crowd always grows weary while opening acts are performing but that’s solely due to the built up anticipation of Kodak’s performance. He was prompt, he spent plenty of time on stage and was a performer, which is one aspect of hip-hop concerts that I absolutely despise.

So, five extra credit points in my book for Kodak.

Views from Playboi Carti:

Playboi has come to Oklahoma City before, in 2016, but that was in a small venue called the Factory, which was a clothing store in Automobile Alley. Its maximum capacity couldn’t have been larger than 300 if that. Playboi was still considered an underground artist at that point, on the cusp of evolving into something more.

On Dec. 20, 2018, he stood in front of a crowd four times the size as two years ago as a part of his official United States Tour. Although my fandom has lessened, he clearly has hits that the public absolutely loves. He took a bit to get on stage, but once 11 p.m. hit, he wooed the crowd for about an hour, performing a list of hits from his underground days to his current music and latest album.

Kodak Rating: 9.5/10 | Playboi Rating: 7/10

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