International Thunder Ep. 8


After a deplorable loss to a bad team, the Orlando Magic, heading into more detriment in the midst of a losing streak, the Thunder rebounded well against three Western Conference playoff teams. Suave and Alberto talk about the major factors behind the recent winning streak.

Episode rundown:


Week review: 00:00-01:05.

Melo helping OKC from the backseat?: 01:06-05:07.

The key to success is…Steven Adams?: 05:08-09:50.

Andre Roberson, the most efficient during streak: 09:51-15:16.

Random, ridiculous, trade rumors: 15:17-17:25.

Chef Curry To Go Song of The Week: 17:29-18:50.

Question and answer: 18:51-28:40.

Week Preview: 28:41-35:37.

Feature photo: Torrey Purvey x

Addam M. Francisco

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