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The everlasting speculation of Courtney Lee to Oklahoma City

Once again, Courtney Lee to OKC speculations are sparking up weeks before the season begins.

Dwyane Wade Will Return to the Miami Heat for Last Season

Dwyane Wade announced that he will be returning to the Miami Heat for “one last dance.”

Dak Prescott isn’t a sellout because he voiced his opinion

"I never said I didn't believe in social injustice and things that are going on. I just said I didn't think that the national anthem was the time." After Prescott's rebuttal of his original language, voiced in the above video, his questionable stance sounds a bit more justified. Whether this was sincere or just a ...

Russ is on the hunt for more history

Russell Westbrook has been history chasing in recent years breaking records left and right.

The NBA’s top five in the Eastern Conference

There are only a handful of stars in the east and there may not be a tier one superstar at all.

International Thunder Ep. 18

A disappointing season left Oklahoma City in shambles, uncertain about the future of their franchise. Would Paul George resign? Could they continue their partnership with Jerami Grant? How were they going to get rid of Carmelo Anthony and will they do what it takes to strengthen their bench? All those questions were addressed and worries ...

Dear Carmelo, From Oklahoma City

We didn't get to spend a much time together, a full 299 days to be exact but the time we had was eventful, to say the least.