Review: Unruly Citizens Presents Young Thug To OKC

After a five month hiatus, Unruly Citizens LLC delivered yet another concert, featuring one of rap’s most prominent artists. This time Atlanta rapper Young Thug came to the Criterion in Bricktown. 

Young Thug’s unorthodox style of rap has stirred up a ton of controversy over the past few years. Many don’t consider him a rapper and many consider him a part of the new generation of rap. Regardless, he’s interesting. No one can deny that. The Zone 3 rapper delivers a diverse musical style that delves into rap, pop, reggae and some rock as well. His diverse style of music was on display in Oklahoma City on Friday night.

As most artists do, Thug took the stage a little late, but still delivered a colorful performance (literally) and kept the crowd entertained throughout the performance.

Performance Recap Video and Slideshow:

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I’ve been an advocate of Young Thug for years now. His performance could’ve been better, but it lived up to the standards of performance that his genre of music demands. His stage presence picked up during the second half of his performance and the beginning didn’t bring the introductory “bang” that we all look for at the beginning of a performance. His interaction with the crowd got better as he seemingly got more comfortable with the environment.

Twitter Speaks:

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Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 11.34.50 AM

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Performance Rating: 4 / 5.

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