NBA’s “Most Suave” by the All-Star Break

Through everything we see on the court, in the power rankings, the MVP races, the NBA all-star talks, and off-the-court controversies, one thing spots fans sometimes turn a blind eye to is the fashion statements made before games. 

The tunnel walk has become a notable add-on to the production of an NBA gameday. Some select players have highlighted more than others on fashion pages like our Instagram, but which players do it best? 

We’ve ranked the five players in play for our award for the freshest player in the league right around the all-star break.

Jordan Clarkson, Utah Jazz

Clarkson has been on the top, or near the top of this list for the last half-decade and deservingly so. Fashion is what you make it, but fashion isn’t just the type of clothes that you wear and how much they cost — it’s about how you wear the clothes, how you carry yourself, and if you exude confidence in what you’re wearing, despite what others have to say. Clarkson checks all those boxes, wears many different styles, and makes even the most ridiculous outfits look more tolerable than anyone else would be able to.

Gary Trent Jr., Toronto Raptors

Trent has a look, but he does a hell of a job owning it. He exemplifies confidence and pulls the “rockstar” vibe off quite well. While Trent has a dominant look, he does a great job delving into other vibes and thriving in those. He’s a sneaky pick in our second spot, but it’s time to start giving him some respect.

Jalen Williams, Oklahoma City Thunder

A rookie? A top-five dresser in the entire league?! Before you delete this article, give me a chance to explain. Like on the court, Williams doesn’t believe he’s a rookie. He came in as one of the happiest-go-lucky rookies we’ve seen in some time, and that goes for his fashion sense. In just 47 games, Williams has given us numerous looks; honestly, he’s nailed them all. He doesn’t look or act awkward. He adapts to whatever look he attempts.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Oklahoma City Thunder

SGA has been on this list in his four seasons with Oklahoma City. As a rookie in Los Angeles, he hit us with some intriguing fits, but as his career ascended, so made his fashion sense and stature. From tunnel fits various fashion week trips, SGA has etched his name into the NBA’s greats in fashion purely because he’s himself. He’s experimenting less and seemingly found his “look,” which works quite well for him.

D’Angelo Russell, Minnesota Timberwolves

I wanted Russell higher on the list, but I didn’t know who to put him ahead of. But learn, this brother can dress. His vibe has been mimicked by a few guys around the league but has yet to be duplicated.

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