Thunder trio shines in second Summer League game

The second Summer League game for the Oklahoma City Thunder ended with the same result as the first: a sizable win.

Twenty-four hours before, everyone and their mama talked about Chet Holmgren’s monstrous debut. Twenty-four hours later, we’re talking about Josh Giddey recording a triple-double, and the dominance of Giddey, Holmgren, and Jalen Williams as a trio.

“It’s just Summer League,” is what we’ve heard, but if a triple-double were easy, we’d be seeing it more often in the Summer League. Giddey scored 14 points, snagged 10 rebounds, and assisted on 10 baskets. Giddey was a +24 in his 27 minutes of playing time.

Speaking of OKC’s Summer League Trio, they were a combined +55 for the game, proving how impactful all three are on the court, especially together.

“J-Dub” Williams has been solid too, and he’d be the one we’re talking about if it weren’t for Holmgren. Against the Grizzlies, Williams led the Thunder in scoring with 16 points on 5-of-9 shooting and added three rebounds and two steals.

For the second game in a row, it never appeared like the game was moving too fast for him. He’s a natural ball-handler, a natural scorer, and an underrated defender.

As for Chet’s second game, he wasn’t as dominant. You saw him get exploited by a bigger player with a ton of skill in Kenny Lofton Jr., and you saw him get winded, proving he’ll have to get in better overall shape (which he will). Through all of that, he still recorded a double-double, 11 points, and 12 rebounds, while still flashing some of the same things we saw in abundance on Tuesday night, which are his passing ability (3 assists) and shot-blocking expertise (2 blocks).

Again, it was another game that displayed what this Thunder squad can do, and the overall potential of the franchise’s young core.

Wrapping up their time in Salt Lake City, they’ll face the Philadelphia 76ers on Thursday at 5 PM Central Time!

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