P.J. Tucker to open sneaker store in Houston

During his free time quarantining, Houston Rockets center P.J. Tucker has been plotting on the low. The NBA’s biggest sneaker head took to Instagram to show a portion of his shoe collection, chop it up with Nate Robinson, and announce that he’s opening up his own sneaker shop in Houston.

I’m actually, which I can confirm now, opening my store,” said Tucker. The Better Generation with P.J. Tucker will be the name. The grand opening is on track for Oct. 2020.

There isn’t much to tell about Tucker’s shop, yet. The website for the shop is inactive and so are the social media handles, but Tucker has collaborations in the oven.

Tucker is one of the better NBA defenders, he’s recently known for fulfilling the center position (at 6-foot-5) for the Rockets since they traded Clint Capella. Tucker is more so known for his fashion sense, though. He’s known for being one of the most complete dressers in the league, and by far has the most extensive shoe collection. He’s known for wearing multiple pairs per game, or wearing ridiculously expensive shoes in games. Nevertheless, Tucker has the credibility to open up a shoe store and it’s exciting to see him doing so.

Story motivation: solecollector.com

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