The Gentlemen’s Way Vol. 2: Collaborate With The Like-Minded

A vital part of developing into the man you aspire to be is building a healthy network of friends that have a similar outlook on life as you do. Though diversity is dually as important, the group you hang out with needs to have a progressive mentality that matches yours. 

Shot and edited by Dequan Cooper of Grand Gentlemen.


“You are who you hang out with” is an age-old saying that’s proven to be true. You are much more likely to reach your goals when you immerse yourself in whatever lifestyle you’re wanting to live.

Too many times have I seen someone with limitless potential fall to the wayside, simply because they couldn’t get away from the negative people and environment that surrounded them.

In today’s day, there are too many distractions. Too many easy avenues to a destructive lifestyle, yet an extremely long and tedious road to reach your goals and it’s twice as hard if you’re starting two steps behind everyone else. It takes a great deal of mental toughness to be able to mute the negative people, but then again, mental toughness is one of the most important aspects of being a true gentleman.

The most challenging aspect of this is possibly having to let go of some of your closest friends if they aren’t willing to progress with you. Once you get past that challenge, you’ll notice your quantity of friends shrink, but the quality of them increase and in this case, quality overwhelmingly supersedes quantity. 

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