WoRm’s “Friday” brings unique vibe to OKC’s hip-hop scene

As Big WoRm’s album The Recipe awaits its release this fall, the 24-year-old Oklahoma City rapper gave us a sneak peek with his newly released single, “Friday.”

WoRm is undoubtedly one of the most talented and well-rounded artists in OKC. He’s not one of these ‘fly-by-night’ rappers that want the clout of being in the music industry. With actual musical experience including concert and marching band, WoRm has an ear for instrumentals and the vocabulary of a great lyricist.

I feel like it’s cookout vibes. WoRm brings a very different style to his music. From the sample to his delivery, he formulates a recipe of quality music. Fun, clean and fresh.

The Origin’s Richard Washington.

In his single “Friday,” the vibes are just that. Every day feels like Friday and there are no cares in the world. From the chorus leading into the first verse to the hook of the song, the word to describe it is chill.

Of course my name is “WoRm” or “BiG WoRm,” whichever but I ain’t get my name from the movie Friday. It was a nickname given to me when I was in high school on the drum line, but I always figured it would be cool to play off the character from the movie since I always get those references when people meet me. Also, Fridays are mines and probably mostly everyone else’s favorite day so when you feel good, EVERYDAY FEELS LIKE FRIDAY.

WoRm on his name and his single “Friday.”

Check out WoRm’s single and MORE! on https://bigwormmusic.bandcamp.com/track/friday.

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