Double Album Review: ROTD3 & ERYS

In the midst of one of the most insane NBA Free Agency periods we’ve seen in some time, Jaden Smith and the J. Cole pioneered ensemble, Dreamville dropped projects this past week to help the Fourth of July pop with more than fireworks. These two albums are top 10 on the charts worthy in their fields.

Let’s discuss why…

Revenge of the Dreamers 3: First off, let me say this: HOLY S***!! I NEEDED this hip-hop refresher AND DREAMVILLE DELIVERED. Brilliant production and even better lyricism lets it be known that Cole takes not only his music seriously but everyone who represents his brand. During this eighteen track album, Cole mindfully runs point while his roster makes the plays happen. Not only is it a score, it’s nearly a blowout to everything that has dropped so far this summer. JID steals the show on several tracks but is not far ahead of his label mates. LamboTruck, Swivel, PTSD, Costa Rica and 1993 are the standouts. 9/10 overall.

ERYS: Jaden Smith, eager to continue making his own name in the rap game outside of his father’s, he delivers on his sophomore effort. PINK much like BLUE from his debut album, SYRE is a marathon of a song that is broken up into four tracks. And that is my biggest complaint on this album. Like he tried to capture the same magic but didn’t quite get it. The album overall is solid. Jaden possess a creativity that mirrors his father and successfully relates to the culture of today. Tyler, The Creator and Kid Cudi headline a guest list that helps this project soar. NOIZE, On My Own and Mission are the top 3 tracks on the album. Coachella was the stepping stone Jaden needed to show the world that he is serious about this music business. 7/10 overall.

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