Draymond warns Boogie about Finals, and he is right

While DeMarcus Cousins vows his readiness to partake in the NBA Finals, his teammate, Draymond Green is a bit more skeptical. It’s Cousin’s first trip to the Finals and Green is warning him that this isn’t like anything he’s experienced.

“It’s kind of like a kid who grew up in the suburbs, then one day you just got dropped in the hood and are told to survive,” Green said when the San Francisco Chronicle’s Connor Letourneau‏ asked him his feelings on Cousins possibly returning.

Green’s comments came after Cousins clearly voiced that he wants to play an important role during the Finals.

“I’m not a quitter,” Cousins told Marc Spears. “It’s going to take a lot for me to fall. It’s going to take an army and a navy. I am just going to go down fighting.”

Though admirable, would Cousins return hurt this Warriors team in their most important series? Yes, Cousins is an All-Star caliber big man when healthy, but rhythmically, does he throw things off for Golden State? He has no playoff experience from his days in Sacramento, the Pelicans made the playoffs last season, but his Achilles was torn and he only played Game 1 of Golden State’s first-round series against the Los Angeles Clippers.

His lack of exposure should be frightening for a Warriors fan because of the way they are rolling right now, previously running through the Trail Blazers in five games. With Kevin Durant also fighting to return to the court in the Finals, this may be too much change and may cause for too many adjustments in such a pivotal situation.

After watching snippets of Cousins practicing, he looks awkward. Everyone knows the threat he poses to opposing defenses but everything considered, he may not fit at this point. A highly injury-prone 270-pound big man coming off an Achilles tear last year and a quadriceps tear this year, with lacking playoff experience may not be the answer for the Warriors.

Although Golden State will surely play Cousins when he’s healthy, his role should be limited. Kevon Looney and Jordan Bell have been playing exceptional in place of Cousins and as young, budding players are building their confidence up. Is the uncertainty of Cousins and his health worth missing this potentially defining moment in their young careers?

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