What a Coop(er)

Less than 24 hours after their crushing loss to rival Washington Redskins the Dallas Cowboys made one of the biggest trades of the season acquiring wide receiver Amari Cooper from the Oakland Raiders. While most of Twitter believes the Raiders came out on top I disagree and here’s why.


Cooper is just 24 years old and a talented 24-year old at that. In three-plus seasons, Cooper has twice been named a Pro Bowler and has two 1,000 yard seasons. Not only that for his career he’s averaging 14 yards a catch. To me sending a first round pick for a young talent who has yet to reach his prime is not too much. To me, it’s a fair trade.

Immediate help

It’s no secret that the Cowboys receiving core has been less than stellar this season. Outside of Cole Beasley, no one has consistently stepped up to the plate. Both Allen Hurns and Michael Gallup have had flashes but can’t deliver every game. Deonte Thompson has been a disappointment along with Terrance Williams who is on the injured reserve with a foot injury. From the moment he was acquired Cooper became the best receiver on the team and his blend of size and speed are useful in more ways than one.

Red zone threat

It’s also no secret that since the departure of Dez Bryant the Cowboys have lacked a red zone threat. Cooper can change that. At 6’1 211lbs he has the size to be a true goal line threat. You can use him on fades, posts, slants, anything really. Just his presence alone will take away attention from the other wideouts. As of now, defenses could play one on one with nobody scaring you. Now with Cooper, they will more than likely have to keep a safety over the top freeing up somebody. He might be the difference between three and six.

A true threat

Beasley has done one heck of a job stepping up but he is no go-to receiver. Cooper is. He is a complete receiver who can do anything asked of him. Cooper, Beasley, and Hurns isn’t a bad trio if Hurns plays like his old self. This also gives quarterback Dak Prescott a dependable downfield option to help open up the offense. Everybody wins

Low-risk high reward

I know a first round pick isn’t “low” per say but for what Cooper can provide for a team with a realistic shot at the playoffs it’s not a bad gamble. Sure the Cowboys could’ve used that pick on another offensive linemen but with NFL scouts griping about the lack of star power in this years draft it seems like giving up a pick might not be devastating. Pair that with the fact that if Cooper is indeed the missing piece to the playoff equation then the pick the Raiders receive might not even be that high. Not to mention plenty of teams have solid drafts without first round picks. The Seahawks teams during their Super Bowl runs were mainly comprised of late round picks and the Patriots and Steelers routinely find steals in later rounds. To me, the risk is definitely worth the reward.

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