It’s time to Bounce Back

As the clock struck midnight and Sean Anderson turned 31 years old Big Sean made the decision, it was time to Bounce Back, and he started with a sit down very personal conversation with his 10.8 million fans on Instagram.

In a three-part Instagram post, Sean sat down and let his fans, haters and the world at large in on his life for the past year.

A few days before he turned 31 Sean cleared his Instagram changed his bio to 2019 and hit the reset button on his Instagram in a symbolic way of washing away his past.

Last year Sean had announced he was going on an Unfriendly Reminder Tour with Playboi Carti that he would later cancel due to depression and anxiety.

“had some things to work out in my head…I never really took the time out to nurture myself, to take care of myself. It took me a lot of depression having a lot of anxiety to realize something was off. I’ve been getting myself together, getting my mind right. So I have been taking better care of myself and…not only am I bringing my best self to the music but I’m bringing my best self to the table, to my city, to my fans, to the people who are about me.” The music, he said, is “the best it’s ever sounded,” but he’s not revealing any release date yet for his follow-up to the 2017 one two punch of I Decided and his collaboration with Metro Boomin’, Double Or Nothing.

“I’m not 100 percent ready,” Big Sean noted. “I haven’t been dropping anything, really. I’m just working on it. It’s a process, really. When I’m ready, I’m gonna be ready — I mean, I’m gonna be ready, you know what I’m saying?” Sean has been meditating since he was 17 years old and believes it has a significant impact on his anxiety and depression in a beneficial way. Sean said he realized during the past year that he ”required some special attention” too. “So what I did was I started therapy, ” “I got a good therapist, I was blessed enough to talk to some super spiritual people, and they made me realize what I was missing in my life, and one thing I was missing was clarity.”

With his newfound clarity, Sean says he’s working on a whole other level and has rediscovered his love for the art. “I realized that it all started with me and I had to analyze myself,” he said. “I couldn’t point the finger at anybody else. I had to point it at myself and nurture those relationships that were important to me, but most importantly nurture the relationship with myself.”

Sean made his return with a feature on Icewear Vezzo new song ”Balance” And showed that he was back and sounding better than ever. This past week Rich The Kid released his sophomore album titled “The World is Yours 2” that saw Sean feature on the song “Two Cups” that also features Offset from the Migos. Big Sean steals the track and makes it his own putting the rap game on notice that he is absolutely on another level. On Monday night Sean’s birthday he would continue his return to the internet and social media as he posted that ASAP Rocky came to wish him a Happy Birthday as Sean and Rocky were in the studio listening to music (maybe Sean’s new album) and having a great time, later that same night Sean would post a minute video of him rapping along to unreleased song that could be on his fifth album with Sean once again showing that he is absolutely rapping on completely different level.

Sean has also been getting his fitness game going strong as he posted himself looking absolutely jacked talking about how he isn’t only taking his music to another level but also his body and mental to the next level.

It’s phenomenal that Big Sean decided to share his struggles and his journey back to getting better through therapy and getting himself back to a healthy positive place in his life after going through depression, anxiety and broken down relationships such as his two year romantic relationship with artist Jhene Aiko and also his relationship with his mother Myra Anderson. Sean is looking to turn 2019 into his best year yet.

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