Roc Nation, big save for the NFL’s culture

The NFL is in trouble, but the game itself is fine. What’s in jeopardy is the culture surrounding the league. From domestic violence to social justice issues, the NFL is in a tough spot and its reputation is slipping. A large percent of the league’s Black fanbase has become dissatisfied with the way those issues […]

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It’s time to Bounce Back

As the clock struck midnight and Sean Anderson turned 31 years old Big Sean made the decision, it was time to Bounce Back, and he started with a sit down very personal conversation with his 10.8 million fans on Instagram. In a three-part Instagram post, Sean sat down and let his fans, haters and the […]

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No pressure, no diamond: Crystal Carr and the rise of Diamond Development VIP

The entertainment industry has been altered by the rise of social media, which is a positive and negative thing at the same time. Unfortunately, as of late, the bad outweighs the good.

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