Trae Young’s new life

Two years ago, we were following a Trae Young from Norman North High School. He was an undersized guard with flashy handles and limitless range shooting the ball. Now, Young is a first-round draft pick and the starting point guard for the Atlanta Hawks with a more impressive arsenal of skills on the court.

At 19-years-old, he was tasked with becoming the face of a billion-dollar franchise, all while adjusting to a new city, culture, team and overall lifestyle. Normally, 19-year-olds are trying to find a comfort zone in their new college life. Money isn’t a big focal point (because it’s non-existent) for most young-adults Young’s age.

The point:

Young had a lot to adjust to and often times what he’s adjusting to derails even the most wholesome and prepared athletes his age. Instant fame is a coin-toss and luckily, it seems like Young is making a seamless transition in the right direction.

“It’s definitely a bigger city and it’s definitely a different type of culture. It’s so nice and I love it. It’s starting to become a second home for me,” said Young when asked about how his transition has been to a new location.”

Following him on social media, it’s clear how close he is with his friends and family back home and that’s what keeps him so grounded in the midst of his new life.

“I just continue to stick to my morals and stick to what I believe in. I have to stick with the people that have been with me through this whole thing. I think that’s the main thing that’s keeping me grounded.”

This is the preseason, yes, but this is typically the hardest part of a season socially for a rookie like Young. The initiations, the new living space, the groupies, and everything else that comes with being an NBA player. However, Young’s most impressive, yet underrated attribute is how family oriented he is and that’s what will keep him grounded and headed in the right direction as a professional.

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