The Gentlemen’s Way Vol. 11: The Renaissance Man, Addicted To Change

The renaissance man

A person with many talents or areas of knowledge.


The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.-Leonardo da Vinvi.

Who likes a man that is exclusive to doing one thing or who isn’t multi-faceted? The kid that was good at basketball in high school but didn’t have any substance behind it has fallen behind the eight-ball. Now the artistic kid that liked classical music and reading books is the real baller.

Gentlemen, make sure you are well-rounded. Success typically isn’t about who is the best at a singular thing, it’s who’s the most well-rounded. You’ll have multiple opportunities on multiple different platforms if so. Don’t limit yourself and be a true renaissance man.

Black men, addicted to change

Growing up a black man means growing up having to fight. Not necessarily physically, but for respect, equal treatment and most importantly, to deflect all negative stereotypes prematurely placed on us.

Individually, we crave change but at the same time in competition with each other and that’s what needs to change. It’s already hard for black men to get ahead so why would we make it harder by being in competition with ourselves? The common denominator that separates a successful black man and others that fall off the grid is collaboration. Finding like-minded individuals that are about change just like you are.

About the author

Founder & Editor-in-Chief. National Association of Black Journalists. University of Central Oklahoma.


  1. Absolute truth. However, how do you get past it being engrained generation after generation? This will have to be a conscious effort of like-minded people. …like stated. It can be done👍

  2. Very insightful blog. I trust there are several young men that will take this to heart.

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