The Gentlemen’s Way Vol. 1: A Man’s Approach

It’s essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle at all costs. This is one of the most underrated aspects of personal health. Volume one of the Gentleman’s Way will help shine some light on how to approach a woman in confidence and more importantly, how to carry yourself with confidence and a positive flare.¬†

Shot and edited by Dequan Cooper.

Carrying yourself with confidence goes an extremely long way when trying to approach a woman, but it’s dually as important to carry yourself as a gentleman.

“Running game” is played out. It’s a far gone tactic used to get girls that we’ve all practiced at some point in time. Leave that in your teenage years and learn to differentiate between having a mouthpiece with no substance and being a true gentleman that brings a ton to the table.

The way you dress almost goes hand-in-hand with your approach tactic. Most women care about the way you dress. There are exceptions, some women wouldn’t mind having a good man that may lack a little in the fashion department but let’s be real, most want the whole package. That’s what we should at least strive for; being the best you, that you can be.¬†Just like running game, not keeping up with your personal appearance isn’t the wave. Especially when dealing with a woman that’s worth your time.

Remember, there are not many good ones out there and the harsh reality is; you are what you attract. In order to change that narrative, the obvious option is to alter some of your negative traits. Change what needs to be changed about yourself and you’ll notice a positive change in the quality of women you attract.





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