The Gentlemen’s Way Vol. 5: Romance And A Gentleman Are Synonymous

Video shot and edited by Dequan Cooper. 

Women are typically romantics and although they do have the ability to provide romance, let’s be real, that’s an expectation of a gentleman. When thinking of a man, the average person thinks of a hardened protector of the family. Being a man equals mental and physical toughness. However, a gentleman heightens the bar for your average man.

For the Gents: One of the most important things in a relationship is making your woman happy and before you get to thinking in the wrong place, I’m not talking sexually.

Trust me, doing the little things hold more weight than the big extravagant gifts (which they still like). Simplicity seems to be the most appreciated thing for women. Granted, there are some women who would trade in the cute and simple things for monetary gifts but frankly, those are the women you need to stay away from anyway.

We polled a few women on what makes them the happiest and they all spoke of the same type things:

1. Listening: remembering little things that they tell them and following up with them to ensure that you were listening to them.

2. Being spontaneous: if you know your woman likes cookies, get her cookies unexpectedly. She’ll appreciate that more than you think she will.

3. Chivalry and consistency: show them what your mother (should have) taught you growing up and do it on a consistent basis to show them that this is what you do.

For the Fathers: Continue raising your sons to be romantics. That’s a part of being a gentleman that we often overlook. Fathers, also teach your daughter what a true gentleman is and show her the difference between one and the average guy. Both are equally as important. Show your kids how a man should treat a woman.

Hopefully, this message resonated with you and you’ll start paying more attention to the smaller things in life and that stands for men and women.

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