International Thunder Ep. 13

The Thunder played three teams that aren’t in playoff contention and won all three games, so assuming their problem is “fixed” may be a stretch.

Episode rundown: 

  • Week Review: 00:00-01:00.
  • Has anything actually changed during this “win streak?”: 01:00-07:00.
  • Dre’s presence was immediately felt vs. Lakers: 07:00-11:28.
  • Suave and Alberto’s All-Star selections: 11:28-31:30.
  • Chef Curry To Go song break: 31:30-33:41.
  • Two-week preview: 33:41-40:23.

Episode 13.

Addam M. Francisco

Founder & Editor-in-Chief. National Association of Black Journalists. University of Central Oklahoma.

One thought on “International Thunder Ep. 13”

  1. enjoyed listening to your conversation and content of this podcast. Thanks for your commitment to keeping all-around coverage of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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