International Thunder: Episode 1

The Suave Report always aims to improve in order to reach our readers (or listeners) desires. With that being said, this Thunder basketball season will kickoff our “International Thunder” podcast hosted by A. Suave Francisco and Alberto Bodei all the way from Berlin, Germany. 

The fact that Alberto reports on the Thunder from across the world is the reason we’ve given this podcast series the name International  Thunder. 

Since the Thunder season starts tomorrow night, we decided to talk about what to expect from the team.

Here are the topics we discussed.

  • How good can the big three be? 
  • What to expect defensively?
  • Just how good can Terrance Ferguson and Josh Huestis be? Who will have the better year? 
  • How will the Thunder finish this season?
  • Who will lead the team in scoring?
  • Who will have a breakthrough season?

Episode 1.

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  1. Outstanding! Congratulations on being the first to introduce an international fanbase to the Oklahoma audience. Continue to be the innovative trailblaze we’ve all come to know and appreciate!

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