Seth Rogen’s fire shoot with GQ and how Kanye inspires him

Seth Rogen is an authentic character, something everyone seems to know. Something no one seemed to know is that he can be a star in front of a camera as well. He wasn’t only the cover of Gentleman’s Quarterly magazine, he had a full spread in the magazine where he further showed how diverse of a person he is.

Seth Rogen for GQ:

For those that aren’t as familiar with Rogen, other than his roles and overall persona from his mid-20s, it’s probably weird seeing and comprehending who Rogen is now at 37 years old. He is a well-versed Hollywood star and businessman and his career surpass his wiring and acting career.

In the GQ article, he credits Kanye West’s versatility as inspiration for his own. While speaking with GQ’s Caroline McCloskey, Rogen mentioned that he’s trying to sharpen his sense in recognizing when he’s acting out of hubris, in relation to choosing projects. That can be a negative, but just like Kanye, that same confidence can be used to inspire massive changes.

“It is a fine line because I do look at Kanye, for example, and I remember the truth is at first, people were like, ‘Why you making shoes, man? Just make music,'” he said of West’s move into Yeezy domination. “And his shoes are great. People love them. He’s made Adidas billions of dollars. So there is something to be said for staying in your lane, but sometimes people do really great outside of their lane.”

Rogen also mentioned West’s idea for a multi-screen immersive movie theater experience. Kanye wanted a movie to play on eight screens: One in front of you, two above you, two on the side of you and one below you. Rogen said “I did have this thought like, dude, you have made some of the best rap albums of all time, and I’m sitting there, like, why are you trying to design movie theaters? Just keep making this great f—g rap albums. But who am I to say that?”

Seth is a known Kanye fan, as most of us are, but Rogen has many similarities. He’s creative, he’s brilliant, and he’s outspoken. Not as outspoken as West obviously, but he and West are two of a kind from different industries.

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