Warriors Keep Perfect Post-Season Alive With Game 1 Win Over Cleveland

After an extended wait, the NBA Finals finally commenced in Oakland, CA. The third straight meeting between two teams that run circles around the rest of the NBA talent-wise is finally here.

Game one belonged to the Warriors. Although many expected the Warriors to handle business at home for a highly anticipated Game 1, this game was about Kevin Durant getting his vengeance and Cleveland’s turnover problems.

From this game’s beginning to the end, there was a buzz that resonated throughout Oracle Arena and apparently through Durant as well. Through the first quarter, he and Lebron James traded baskets and the Cavaliers held pretty even against the Warriors in the first quarter. They started to pull away in the second and Durant stepped his production up even more. They still only lead the Cavs by 8 points at the half, though. However, the Warriors’ first half defense intensified even more in the second half and began to wear down Cleveland’s offense, turning the ball over 20 times. Not to mention, Golden State’s offense? Only had four turnovers for the entire game. Kevin Curry

James led the Cavs in turnovers with 8, but also led them in points, rebounds and assists with 28, 15 and 8. Steph Curry and Durant had near perfect games with Durant scoring a game-high 38 points and Curry notching 28. Thus, combining for 66.

Also, Klay Thompson only scored 8 points and Draymond Green’s performance wasn’t offensively impressive, finishing with just 12. That definately points to how great both Durant and Curry played tonight.

For the Cavs, the fix is simple. Stop turning the ball ball over and get more than just Kyrie Irving and James. Kevin Love, Irving, and James were the only three Cavaliers in double-figures. Against this offensive juggernaught, Cleveland can’t afford to play like they did on Thursday night or they’ll get swept. Tristan Thompson only contributed with 4 rebounds and he’s been a guy that the Cavaliers have relied on offensively in the playoffs. J.R. Smith also shares the same criticism, only scoring 3 points.  Lebron got no help from his role players and definately the bench, who scored a combined 20 points.

Game two will be back in Oracle Arena on Sunday at 7 p.m.




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