Review: Unruly Citizens Brings 21 Savage To OKC

On January 11, 2017, Unruly Citizens LLC starts the new year off with a bang by bringing trending rapper 21 Savage to Oklahoma City’s Chevy Event Center.

Despite 21 arriving an hour and a half late, actually past the time the concert was supposed to end, the crowd remained patient. The DJs did a spectacular job keeping a restless crowd moderately calm throughout the 4 hours leading up to 21’s performance, something that any DJ will admit is a challenging task.

21 Savage’s Performance.

Simply could’ve been better. I’m no performing artist, but my family consists of them and I’m pretty sure it’s not acceptable to be more than an hour late for a concert, no matter the crowd, atmosphere, genre, or artist. 21 and Co. took the stage at midnight (when the concert was supposed to end) and still found a way to underachieve, leaving a significant portion of the crowd unsatisfied.

Those are just a couple of many disappointed fans after the concert. Not only was he late, his performance was significantly lacking. Seemingly lacking his interest, considering he only performed 5 songs and even then, didn’t perform the entire song. Personally,  I ended up vibing to the recording, because he looked and sounded so uninterested.

Lets cut him some slack, though. He probably wanted to be interested, but couldn’t, as he appeared to be high on a few things. He essentially took money by doing the absolute bare minimum and may have even fallen short of that. Going into this concert we all knew 21 Savage’s career wouldn’t be as long-lasting or even as remembered as artists like Drake or Kanye, but as a mainstream rapper, I expected a little bit more out of him. For prospective attendees of 21’s concerts, I’d recommend you save your money and listen to his music on Spinrilla or Apple Music.

For prospective attendees of 21’s concerts, I’d recommend you save your money and listen to his music on Spinrilla or Apple Music.

Performance Grade: D-.

Just because 21’s performance fell short of most of our standards, Unruly Citizens LLC did a spectacular job putting this function together. His performance was out of their hands. The opening acts and local DJs were great, actually the highlight of the evening. Everyone got better that night, gaining experience, and even more exposure and in return, fandom.

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Feature Image by @cameraman405.

2 Thoughts

  1. When artists come to perform, they should give it their all. They are trying to build and/or maintain a following – they can’t do that when they perform poorly. Heart goes out to Unruly Citizens, LLC. Who worked hard to get the venue. 21 Savage owes the promoter an apology, and unfortunately missed a great opportunity expand his fan-base and to entertain loyal rap followers.

  2. Nice review of the concert. Suave was right when he said it’s unacceptable and dare I Sy totally unprofessional to be over an hour late. As a professional musician the mantra is, “If you’re early you’re on time. If you’re on time you’re late, and if you’re late you’re FIRED!

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