Review: Unruy Citizens Welcomes Migos Back To OKC

Thunder players weren’t there due to a road trip but there were other notable names in attendance, like former Thunder backup point guard Semaj Christon and Oklahoma Sooners freshman sensation Trae Young.

Migos returned to Oklahoma City with less hype, following an album (Culture II) that wasn’t as widely appreciated as Culture. However, Migos are great performers, especially considering them just being a rap group. They went back through many of their old hits and reminded the crowd how they initially fell in love with their music.

Considering Migos is coming off in our opinion, the most mediocre album they’ve made of late, the performance simply made up for that. They had the crowd just as engaged, without all the star power that was in attendance at their last concert.

Migos Recap Video:

Opening Acts: Young Dro and Hoodrich Pablo Juan

Instead of an overabundance of opening acts that no one pays much attention to, Unruly brought one well-known name in the hip-hop industry in Young Dro, as well as a supposed up-and-coming artist in Hoodrich Pablo Juan.

Young Dro was a treat for those born before 1997 but those younger than 21 were so young during his peak years that they couldn’t fully comprehend the effect he had on the culture in the early to mid-2000s.

His performance started with current songs of his and ended with his past hits. Although many in the audience didn’t appreciate his performance, the Suave Report did.

Young Dro Recap Video:

Young Dro’s performance rating: 4.2/5

Hoodrich Pablo Juan could’ve stayed home in all honesty. Not sure what people see in him as an artist that is intriguing but his performance simply wasn’t good. His stage presence was poor and dry. Not to mention, his lack of overall hits made the performance even duller.

Hoodrich Pablo Juan’s performance rating: 1.5/5


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What Migos had to offer Oklahoma City wasn’t as good as the first time but was still a good performance. Their latest album is what hurt this performance but their willingness to go back in time and perform many of their old hits redeemed the entire performance.

Performance Rating: 4.5/5.

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