Sonrae x Space Jam Dreams: Before The Sun Rises Dropping Nov. 27.

Q & A with Sonrae.

Q: I’m aware that music runs in your family, especially with your dad. How much does that inspire you?

A: If I never saw my dad or my cousin (L.T.Z.) doing music I don’t think I would even be doing music. Just watching them on stage as a kid & knowing the love I have for music I knew it could be something I would do in the future.

Q: What sound are you going for? Are there any specific well-known rappers that inspired you? If so, who and why?

A: The kind of sound I’m going for is almost an R&B feel without me singing & a kind dark feel, but not dark in the sense of vulgar but just almost sinister sounds/beats. The artists that inspire me the most would have to be Travis Scott, Kid Cudi, and J.Cole, because Travis Scott & Kid Cudi the things they do with their voices I think is amazing & how relatable kid Cudi can be is remarkable. & J. Cole because he is one of the last rappers of his kind.

Q: What message are you trying to send with this album that debuts on the 27th?

A: The title of the album is Before the Sun Rises but I’m referring to the sun as myself & basically the message is before you can shine you have to go through a dark place first.

Q: Where did you get the stage name Sonrae from?

A: My cousin (L.T.Z.) helped me come up with the name. My real name is RaeJon but I go by Rae so the name is referring to the sun but also I am a child or a son of gods & God is the light which refers back to the sun.

Q: Where did you grow up? Is that where you intend on staying? If not, where do you envision yourself?

A: I moved around OKC a lot growing up living probably on every side of town there is in OKC. No, I don’t think I’ll be staying here, I want to eventually move to somewhere in Texas.

Q: Tell me something that people may want to know.

A: I want people to know, that I’m not just another guy who raps but this is my heart. I love music in general not just making it, but everything about it. Everything I say in my songs is extremely heartfelt. I’m not a trap rapper. I’m not a gangsta rapper. I’m not gonna rap about stuff I don’t live. I’m putting pieces of my life into the world that is extremely uncomfortable to talk about but making music was the only way I could get these type of things out. I hope everybody enjoys my tape. Nov. 27. Before the Sun Rises.

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