Packing for Pluto x “Rebecca” Now On iTunes got a chance to meet up with Brad Henderson of Packing for Pluto.


Rebecca preview. Download entire song on iTunes.

Q: Where are you from?

I am from Sayre, Oklahoma originally, currently Oklahoma City/Edmond.

Q: Where did you guys find the name “Packing for Pluto?”

When we were coming up with the band name we were just tossing around ideas in the group chat and we sort of narrowed down some names.  We changed our minds a few times but eventually, all agreed on the name Packing for Pluto.   The name is attributed to a book called ‘Packing for Mars: The science of life in the void’ by Mary Roach, a book about what humans have the ability to do in space and the science behind those normal human actions.  We made some alterations to the name to make it our own and went with is.

Q: There’s a new song on iTunes. What/who? Inspired the title “Rebecca” for your single?

When Rebecca was written our singer was watching TV and heard someone say the line “you are my queen Rebecca” he liked it, and it stuck with him.  He wanted to write a song around that line, so we used Rebecca as sort of a surname for really any feeling of love you have for anything.  Whether it’s a girl, a thing, or that loving passion you feel and you want to make that thing your life, or “queen”.  For us, Rebecca isn’t really a person, its music.

Q: What role do you play in the group? Do you enjoy that, or do you like being a solo artist more?

In Packing for Pluto I play rhythm guitar.  I really enjoy having this role in the band and being a part of a group, rather than being a solo artist.  I feel like it is more fun to make music with a group of my friends rather than alone.

Q: You cover the Thunder, and you’re in your first year at UCO. How’s juggling all these completely different types of activities going?

Playing music, going to school and covering the thunder make for a crazy schedule at times.  With the Thunder schedule being so set, covering games comes first, but I work with a group so if one of my bands happens to have a gig I am able to take off, which has happened a couple times.

Q: Career wise, what direction would you rather go?

 I really enjoy covering the Thunder and I have met a lot of great people doing it but I think I would rather take my career in a musical direction rather than journalism.  I am currently pursuing a Music Performance degree from the ACM@UCO.

Q: How many instruments can you play? Which is your favorite?

I can play guitar, drums, bass, and then some piano.  I enjoy playing guitar the most, but I will play whatever is needed.

Q: Tell me one thing no one knows about Bradley Henderson?

I am insanely good at the claw machine!

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