Gabriyella x Nothing: “Limits” EP Dropping Soon


Q: When did you first start singing and why? Who/what inspired you?

In 4th grade, I joined a music choir and my teacher called me out after class and told me basically I could sing right there, 6th through 8th grade, I attended Classen School of Advanced Studies as a vocal major learning everything I needed to know about music theory. After 8th grade, I recorded my first song at ACM@UCO recording lab and been singing/recording ever since. So, no one really inspired me, it sort of just came.

Q: What artist do you follow the most?

Jhene Aiko, or Rihanna. Rihanna has been an icon since I was young and she still manages to be at the top and ahead of the game.

Q: Your sound is unique…how would you describe it?

My voice is very strong and soulful. My specialties would be my runs as well as my ear for harmonies. I still haven’t quite found my sound yet but it’s getting there.

Q: Where did you get the idea for your album?

My single from my EP is called “Limits”, and most of the songs on there talk about being pushed to your limits by that one guy/girl so it just fell into place.

Q: Talk about the difference you want to make when you break into the national scene?

I sing because I love it. Whatever you do, make sure you have love and PASSION for it. Don’t ride the wave, be the wave.

Q: With fame comes being a role model. What message will you send to kids that look up to you and your music?

The songs on this EP are very relatable. I feel like a lot of people will dig what I’m saying. No matter what, be yourself, chase your dreams, make it happen! Be kind, be great, and love yourself.

Q: In your opinion, name the fashion king and fashion queen of your generation? Celebrity wise. I would say ASAP Rocky is pretty

Celebrity wise. I would say ASAP Rocky is pretty sleazy. I’m also a fan of Kylie’s wardrobe of course. She can dress.

Q: Tell me one thing you want people to know.

I’m a cancer!

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  1. I have been following this young lady’s talent since she was a little girl. When listening to her she has a natural ability to make you want to groove to her music. I can’t wait to see what’s next for her. #homegrownsuperstarinthemaking

  2. I love the sound of her voice! She should go a long way with the uniqueness of her sound. I’ll be waiting!

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