A few predictions heading into the 2023-24 Mavericks season

The Dallas Mavericks are predicted to “shock the NBA” next season. They also have a chance to be really dangerous.

The Dallas Mavericks had a disappointing season in 2022-23. They made some changes to their roster, including re-signing Kyrie Irving and adding Seth Curry, Dante Exum, and Grant Williams. With Luka Doncic leading the team, they hope to improve their win-loss record in 2023-24.

Dallas recorded a +4.6 points per 100 possessions (94th percentile offense) with Doncic and Irving on the court last season, and they now have a deeper and more versatile supporting cast around them. More than that may be needed to propel them from outside the playoffs to title contention, but Doncic is coming off his first conference finals appearance. Also, Kyrie Irving has had his share of postseason heroics. The Mavericks have the potential to be exceedingly dangerous.

The Prediction?

I predict the Mavericks’ record to be 52-30, if everyone is healthy (knock on wood), Luka Doncic plays at an MVP level, and other players play to their roles. They’ll be at least a top 4 team in the Western Conference.

However, we cannot simply say and talk about them being a top team. The players have to perform, and the coaches have to do their part as well. Therefore, the upcoming season should be a step forward towards success, rather than a step back and disappointment. We will find out in October, when the new season begins, whether the Mavericks are truly contenders or simply pretenders.

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