Dope facts from Thunder Media Day ’22

NBA teams that didn’t make the playoffs last season are coming off the longest off-season in a few years.

With that being said, the Oklahoma City Thunder’s 5.5-month hiatus has ended, and Media Day 2022 took place on Monday. We’ll spare you the coverage that you likely caught on social media or your local news station and will skip straight to the underlying things that we found interesting.

Shai believes All-Star consideration should depend on team success

Last season, SGA averaged 24.5 points, 5.0 rebounds, and 5.9 assists per game. He’s been considered a fringe-all-star caliber player for at least a season now, but there’s one thing missing that most can agree on: he plays for a team that hasn’t been competitive as of late.

We asked SGA whether he believes team success should play a part in NBA All-Star selections, and his answer may strike you by surprise.

Tre Mann gained weight, got a fresh set of tattoos and is ready for year two.

Tre Mann was quite flattered when the media began his availability with a comment about his weight.

Tre also sported some new tattoos and shouted out his tattoo artist, Joe, who we interviewed a couple of years ago.

Darius Bazley changed his number and dropped a great quote on how difficult it is as a modern-day athlete to block out the outside noise – especially in the social media age.

Josh Giddey, entering his second season, discusses how he kept his focus during the offseason while avoiding the distractions that many rookies run into after an impactful rookie season.

Yes, Chet Holmgren got hurt, which likely diminishes any expectation for the Thunder to be competitive this season, but there are still high points and things to look forward to when it comes to this team. The rookie spotlight is more on Jalen “Dub” Williams now – someone I think will contribute right away for the Thunder. Expect a big year from Tre Mann in his second season. He spent a lot of time this offseason developing his body and working on his game down in Miami, and I fully expect it to show in his production.

That’s a wrap on Media Day 2022!

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